Wicketted Bags

Wicketted Bag Information

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Wicketted bags are a number of bags that have been bundled and held together with a small metal hanger that has been put through two punched holes near the top of the bag. This means the bags can hang from the wire hanger and be quickly and easily dispensed.

These type of bags with an in built dipenser have many uses for retail and manufacturing. They are ideal in retail shops as they will neatly hang and can be quickly dispensed for itmes such as bread and pastries or small eletrical items.

They are also commonly used on automatic or manual packing lines as they are easy to handle and do not slow the packing process down.

Our wicketed bags are available in a range of sizes to suit many different retail and commercial uses. Please contact us for details and we will be happy to help supply your exact needs at a competitive rate.

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