Refuse Sacks

Wheelie Bin / Refuse Sacks

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Refuse Sacks are the most common and cost effective way to collect rubbish ready for collection or delivery. They are lightweight and tear resistant and are ideal for both domestic and commercial uses to collect rubbish and keeping areas clean and free of rubbish.

Here at Mailing, we stock a full range of bin bags/refuse sacks to suit every situation and requirement.

Coloured Refuse Sacks

We also offer a range of 4 colours (blue, yellow, red and green) which can be used  to separate waste either by departments or for recycling within an industrial or office environment. They are highly tear resistant and resistant to splitting making them an ideal solution to waste collection.

Wheelie Bin Liners

Our wheelie bin sacks are the perfect solution to prevent that bin odours. The bags fit inside a standard sized wheelie bin and will catch any leak of fluids. The wheelie bin bags are quite thin due to the fact they are only a liner, however still have high tear resistance. The bag will slide out the bin with the other refuse sacks when it is emptied, ready for replacing with a clean liner after every rubbish collection.

Refuse Sacks

Our Refuse Sacks are also known  as ‘heavy duty’ as they are slightly thicker than the ‘Standard’ sack and offer a high tear and puncture resistance. Like the ‘Standard’ sacks, these will easy fit inside a large range of bins ensuring the waste is collected effectively and prevent any liquid spills.

To place an on-line order or to see further details of our refuse sack range, please see our main website at Mailing